2024 AI2AI Matchmaking Workshop

March 29, 2024 / Shriver Hall Auditorium / JHU Homewood Campus

All members of the JHU community, including undergraduates and those not applying for an AI2AI award in AY 2024-2025, were invited to attend the 2024 AI2AI Matchmaking Workshop. This goal of this workshop was to allow Amazon Researchers to expand on this year’s AI2AI research award call topics and to share preliminary feedback on the suitability of pre-proposals submitted by JHU researchers.

Faculty members who submitted a pre-proposal for the 2024-2025 AI2AI research awards were able to receive feedback from top scientists from Amazon, helping to hone pre-proposals into dynamic proposals aligned with the interests of both the PIs and Amazon.

PhD students had the opportunity to learn more about the research focus areas at Amazon, aiding in the development of well-developed applications for the 2024 AI2AI Fellowship awards.

Other members of the community were able to learn about AI research and identify opportunities for future engagement.